Wildlife World Zoo to open at Willemstad

Wildlife world zoo in the Netherlands will open this year at the Willemstads zoo in The Hague, where it will be home to the world’s largest population of chimpanzees.The zoo’s staff and guests will be able to interact with the chimps through interactive exhibits, including interactive play, a special “cocoon” and a “couch-and-ball” experience.The Willemsts […]

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‘The first thing I thought was: Whoa, there’s a lion in my backyard’: Photographer captures first photo of a lion at an area park

A photo of an African lion roaming the Georgia countryside has captivated the public for more than a week.The photo was posted to Instagram and Instagram user Diana Fennell’s account on Tuesday.The lion, known locally as “Little Tiger,” was photographed by photographer Diana Fennaell while she was hiking with her husband, who had been visiting […]

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