Australian wildlife reserves and reserves for wildlife to be removed

The government says it is planning to remove the country’s only wildlife reserve from its list of national wildlife reserves.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection announced the change in a statement to Fairfax Media on Wednesday.

It will mean that the Prince Charles Wildlife Reserve will no longer be listed as an Australian Wildlife Reserve.

“The Department will be removing the Prince Philip Wildlife Reserve from the Australian Wildlife Register,” the statement said.

“This is to remove a gap in the list of Australian Wildlife Reserves that have been recognised by the Department as Australia’s primary wildlife management areas.”

The decision to remove it from the register was made last year, but was not implemented until now.

It comes after the Government announced it would be removing endangered species from the list in December, and to date there have been only a handful of confirmed confirmed cases of the disease in Victoria.

The Prince Philip Conservation Trust said it was disappointed by the decision.

“We are very disappointed that the Government is now considering removing the protected habitat of a unique and vital species,” it said in a news release.

“As a result of the decision, the Prince Phillip Conservation Trust is considering whether to take legal action to challenge the removal of the protected area.”

At this point we have no certainty that we will be able to protect the protected areas, but our best advice is that we continue to monitor the situation.

“In January, the Federal Government announced the Prince Edward Island Wildlife Park would be closed after a report showed the species was at risk of dying out.

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