What to know about the state’s ‘pest-control laws’

What is a ‘pesticide’?

It’s a term often used to describe products that are used to kill pests such as ants, fleas and ticks.

What are the various pesticides?

Pesticides are chemical compounds that are applied to plants or animals to kill insects, including ants, flies, and mice.

They’re used to control pests such a disease or pest infestation.

They can be used on livestock, plants and crops to control insects.

Some chemicals have been shown to be effective against certain diseases, including the deadly malaria parasite.

Are there any types of pesticides that are not listed as pesticides?

Yes, there are some types of chemicals that are banned under the Animal Welfare Act.

These include: baits, traps and traps and bait and baits.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the authority for regulating these chemicals.

But the Animal Health Protection Authority (AHA) has the power to ban pesticides in certain circumstances.

This is called a ‘notice of contravention’ or ‘notice to be given’.

This means that the AHA has to consider whether the pesticide is being used to treat a disease.

For example, if a pesticide is listed as ‘defensive’ under the AWA, the pesticide will not be banned.

If it is listed, the ABA may ban it under the Public Health Act.

Can I get a pesticide banned under my local council?

If you live in the region you live, your local council will review your council’s pesticide list.

If the council is able to ban a pesticide, the council will make a decision within 14 days.

If you need to contact your local authority for information, contact your council on 03454 027.

What is ‘a controlled substance’?

A controlled substance is defined as a chemical that has been registered as a controlled substance under the Medicines Act 2000.

Examples of controlled substances include drugs, medicines and chemicals that can be harmful to health or welfare.

What types of plants and animals are considered to be pests?

Most pesticides used in agriculture are classified under one of two categories: Category A or Category B. A pesticide is classified as a Category A pesticide if it has a safety rating of 4 or more on the WHO-approved list of chemical pesticides, based on the amount of harmful effects on humans.

These chemicals are listed on a Schedule II.

These pesticides are generally used to help control pests that cause crop failure, such as aphids.

These pests are generally less toxic than most insects.

Examples are: fungicides, which can be applied to leaves and flowers to kill aphids; insecticides, such a chlorpyrifos, which kill aphid eggs; and dicamba, which kills adult and emerging adult caterpillars.

A category B pesticide is a type of pesticide that has a less harmful effect on humans than a Category B pesticide, but has a higher risk of causing serious injury or death.

Examples include: pyrethroid pesticides, which have a higher toxicity on humans and have been banned under some countries, including Australia, South Africa, the UK and New Zealand.

A Category B pesticides classification means that they have been identified by the WHO as potentially toxic to humans.

For more information, see ‘Pesticides’ section of this guide.

What kind of pesticides are used in the farming industry?

Pests are the biggest threat to agriculture.

Farmers are responsible for managing the health and welfare of the animals they produce.

They also have a role in managing pests and pests control.

Farmers need to consider pest management in their own farming operations and also in other agricultural operations.

They need to be responsible for ensuring that they’re maintaining a pesticide list that includes all known and suspected pests and is accurate and up-to-date.

Farmers can use their own pesticide monitoring equipment to track their pests and control activities.

However, this monitoring will usually only give you a snapshot of the situation for the day.

If a pesticide isn’t listed on the pesticide list, farmers will have to apply to the AFA to have it listed on their list.

How much is a pesticide that I should be worried about?

The most important thing to remember is that you should only use pesticides if they’re listed on your pesticide list and it’s safe to use them.

It’s also important to note that not all pesticides have the same safety rating.

A pesticides safety rating means that it is safe to apply a pesticide to a pest.

For instance, the most widely used pesticides, such the pyrethroids and chlorpyrs, are rated at 5 or 6 on the ‘Safety’ scale, while the most common pesticides, including chlorprys and pyrethros, are ratings of 4 and 5.

If pesticides aren’t listed, it is still important to know what the actual level of harm is for a particular pest.

Pesticide labels on food and food packaging can give you more information about the level of toxicity of the pesticide.

The label may list the amount that you can use or the level that

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