Chernobyl Wildlife Photography Camera Found in Montana’s Yellowstone

A rare photo from a rare animal sanctuary has been recovered from Montana’s eastern Yellowstone.

A photographer named Christopher Chernobouli discovered the fossil in 2014 and published the image on his website.

Chernoboulsi told Fox News that he has a strong suspicion that the fossil is a female Tyrannosaurus rex.

The animal was believed to have lived in the same group as the tyrannosaurid dinosaur that was discovered in the middle of the park in 2006.

Chernoobouli said the fossil was in good condition and the skull is intact.

“This is the largest dinosaur ever found in Montana, and this one is probably the largest that we’ve found in Yellowstone,” Chernoobs said.

The dinosaur was named Chernobalopteryx.

Chernoboulia says that the dinosaur was approximately 50 feet long and weighed approximately 30 tons.

He said the dinosaur would have been the largest of its kind.

“It would have weighed over a tonne.

It was huge,” Chernobs said, adding that the creature was “an amazing specimen.”

The fossil was found in a gravel pit by a hunter on the park’s north side, according to Chernobos website.

The fossil has been kept in a freezer at the Montana Natural History Museum for preservation.

The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department is investigating the fossil.

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