The most iconic bird in British history: The RSPB

The Rspb is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the RSPb’s Birds of Scotland programme with an exclusive online exhibition, showcasing some of the most iconic birds of the British Isles.

We’re hoping that the exhibition will inspire people to make a real connection with the animals in their own homes, and will give the public a unique insight into the lives of wildlife across Scotland, said John MacLeod, chief executive of RSPs Birds of Scots programme.

He said the show, which will run from January 5 to 31, has been a huge success, attracting more than 1.3 million views online.

“This exhibition showcases the beautiful, iconic birds that live in Scotland and we want the public to feel like they’re in a museum,” he said.

“We want to encourage people to visit the Rspbs Birds of Scottish website and take part in the exhibition.”

There’s nothing quite like seeing an animal in your own backyard, and we’re hoping this exhibition will give people the chance to get close to these animals and really feel like it’s home.””

The show will be interactive, so you’ll be able to get a bird’s body and see how they feed and care for themselves, and then you can take part of the process of raising the birds in your garden,” he added.RSPb Scotland, which runs an exhibition of iconic wildlife and habitats across Scotland every four years, said the exhibition, which has seen more than 40,000 visitors in its first five years, has shown that the R-SPB can be a very successful conservation organisation.”

In a world of increasing environmental stress, the RSPA is a powerful force for conservation, and their work in Scotland has shown this, said chief executive and co-founder, Ian Ritchie.

“The RSPbs Birds in Scotland programme is a testament to the importance of R-SPA conservation, their dedication to the environment and their commitment to animal welfare.”

It’s a celebration of the conservation work they do in Scotland.

“The exhibition includes stunning bird photos, photographs and videos of the region’s wildlife, as well as birds from around the world.”

These images will be shown to anyone who visits the Rspebs website, and they will provide insight into some of Scotland’s most iconic wildlife,” said Ritchie, who has worked as a wildlife photographer for over 30 years.”RSPs Bird of Scotland Programme is a great way to highlight the beautiful birds that exist across the country and show what they’re up to.

“And with so many of Scotlands wildlife protected, it’s important for the public at large to understand what they can do to help protect them.”

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