Which of these men is the best hunter?

When I was growing up in Minnesota, there were no bear traps in my neighborhood.

As a result, I was raised in a world where the threat of being hit by a bear was always imminent.

It was a world that was constantly threatened by the creatures that prowled the woods and mountains.

That world, however, never included the bears.

In fact, bears weren’t the only creatures that lived in my backyard.

It wasn’t until my family moved away from the Midwest that I began to realize that bears were an endangered species.

I remember sitting in our living room watching the TV news and thinking about how these bears were just so rare.

Even if they lived in a den, they wouldn’t live in a place where people were allowed to come and visit.

That changed when my husband and I decided to move to New York City.

I was thrilled to have my first child, and as a mom, I knew that I had to try to do the right thing for my son.

We knew that our kids would grow up to be safe and healthy and happy.

I also knew that we needed to make sure that the animals we brought home from the woods weren’t treated like a threat.

We spent a lot of time trying to find ways to prevent the bears from going back to their dens and the areas where they once roamed.

It didn’t take long before I was convinced that our efforts had been working.

I became a wildlife biologist and was working on an exhibit that would showcase the incredible biodiversity of Minnesota.

As I started researching, I became fascinated by the bears that I knew were living in the woods.

I soon realized that the bears were actually just a fraction of the population.

In Minnesota, as in other parts of the country, there are a lot more bears than there are humans, and they’re often living in dens in remote areas.

While we didn’t know that the species was in decline, we knew that if we were going to keep our children safe, we needed them to be able to see bears in a safe and natural way.

That meant finding ways to minimize the impact that the grizzly bears had on our wildlife.

It also meant taking the necessary steps to protect the species and the people who live in its territories.

By early 2010, the bears had returned to the forests of Minnesota, and we were determined to keep them safe.

One of the first projects I undertook was to look at bears that were living near residential neighborhoods.

I spent weeks researching bear habitat and finding out how bear dens were set up, where people lived, and how bears would interact with people.

When I got to one of the dens, I noticed that the walls of the bear den were covered with a variety of traps.

I asked my husband, and he helped me find a way to remove the traps.

After a while, we noticed that a few of the traps had holes in them.

We didn’t want the bears to get trapped inside the bear’s den, so we dug holes to remove them.

I began a project called “Bear Safety” in which I would find ways for my husband to be part of the project, so he could help with the traps and provide additional information about bears.

I would also work closely with the city of New York, and with the Department of Natural Resources, to help them protect the bears and their habitats.

I took a variety for each of the different dens that I visited.

One day I found a bear trap that was set up on the side of a street.

I removed it and placed it on the sidewalk to discourage bears from entering the den.

I noticed a small bear in the next building that had been in a bear den for a few days.

I then dug a hole and placed a small box on the outside of the box to discourage the bears entering the bear cage.

A couple days later, I found another trap in the same building.

I discovered that there was a hole in one of those traps, and I removed the box from underneath the bear trap.

I decided that the traps needed to be set up in a way that was as natural as possible.

I had a big problem with the bear traps, however.

They were so small and easy to remove.

They also didn’t seem to have any warning labels or markings, and it seemed like people were trying to get the bear out of the trap.

We eventually found a way around this problem by setting up a fence around the bear cages.

The next day, I dug a small hole in the floor of one of my bear den.

Then I used a wire fence that I built into a tree to enclose the bear enclosure.

I put a little wire box in the corner of the cage so that it could be easily removed when the bear came in.

After the bear returned to its den, I used the wire cage to make a fence to keep the bears out of it. At first

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