How to make a Yellowstone National Park ranger costume

A ranger costume from the late 1960s, with an orange and white stripe pattern and a white stripe, is out of style.

A ranger costume, which was popularised by the movie Wild at Heart, was the popular look of the 1960s and 70s.

It was worn by some of America’s most famous ranger and mountain guide characters, including Clint Eastwood and George Clooney.

But now the iconic ranger costume is in disrepair and in need of a major overhaul.

Yellowstone National Park, where many of Americas favourite stars live, is looking to restore it.

The National Park Service, which oversees the park, has been researching the need for the outfit since 2009.

Park ranger outfits have been seen in the media recently, with the latest being worn by actress Scarlett Johansson in her role in the film The Wolf of Wall Street.

“This is one of the great treasures of our parks, and we’re looking forward to a revitalised ranger outfit for our park that reflects our world heritage,” said David Shum, the park service’s deputy director of special projects.

Mr Shum said the costume, known as the Ranger’s Jacket, would be the first in a series of new ranger costumes to be overhauled.

He said the redesign was meant to give the park’s visitors the opportunity to “connect” with the environment and the park itself.

There are currently more than 70 ranger costumes in use across the parks.

In a blog post on the park website, Mr Shum described the Ranger Jacket as a “vintage look”, adding: “We hope this will inspire other rangers and park visitors to re-imagine the iconic look of ranger gear.”

The ranger outfit is made of a heavy cotton/polyester fabric, has a waist band and sleeves, and features a striped collar.

Visitors are expected to wear the outfit on the first day of every season.

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