How to shoot a wildlife trail

When I started to shoot wildlife, I wasn’t looking for a great shoot.

I was looking for something simple, something fun.

And I loved the simplicity of being able to follow the trail of an animal in a place where I don’t have to be worried about being distracted by other people. 

The wildlife waystations are the closest thing we have to a place to get our wildlife pictures. 

I love them because they offer the ability to capture wildlife in its natural habitat, not just on camera.

But there are so many ways to shoot them, from simple macro photos to elaborate wildlife photography.

Here are the main ways you can get wildlife shots:A.

A trailhead.

I love the wildlife way stations because they are small and easy to set up.

They offer a great way to get a feel for wildlife and to make sure you don’t miss any of the wildlife.

You can set up the camera at the entrance to the trail and have a bird or a cat walk the way.


A photo studio.

These are usually set up near the trailhead and are a great place to start.


A wildlife photo studio can be very rewarding.

The best part about these places is that they are a lot of fun to shoot.


A location-specific wildlife shoot.

This one can be great if you have a lot to shoot and you need to capture specific wildlife.

The wildlife way station is a great option if you’re shooting in a town, a small town, or in an area that is a little more remote.


A remote location.

If you live in a remote location and you have to shoot at night, a wildlife photo can be a great alternative.


Shooting from a vehicle.

This is an option if the area you are shooting in is not as far away from the wildlife as a wildlife station.


Shooting a wildlife camera in a car.

This can be done if you are only shooting for one photo and you are not shooting wildlife.

If there are wildlife, it can be fun to use a wildlife camcorder.


Shooting wildlife in a truck.

This type of photography can be good for wildlife photography if you can keep a constant distance between yourself and the wildlife while you shoot.


Shooting in a parking lot.

If it’s a big enough parking lot and you can shoot wildlife in front of it, it is a good way to do wildlife photography at night.


Shooting at an outdoor festival.

If your photography is outdoors, this can be an awesome way to capture some amazing wildlife.

I highly recommend checking out the National Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards for great outdoor photography.

I also highly recommend watching some of the amazing wildlife photography on the National Geographic channel.


Shooting near a campground.

These outdoor festivals are great places to shoot some wildlife if you love wildlife.

This kind of photography is also great if your campgrounds are not near a wildlife viewing area.


Shooting outdoors at a park or beach.

These can be places to capture beautiful wildlife.

Just don’t forget to leave your camera with the camcorders when you leave the site.


Shooting on your smartphone.

This way of shooting wildlife can be even better if you aren’t shooting from a mobile device.

Just make sure to take your camera out when you’re ready to take the next photo.


Shooting animals in a public park or lake.

This photo is a combination of both of these.


Shooting an animal from a moving vehicle.

I have never used a moving animal to shoot from, but there are a few places I would shoot from a stationary vehicle.

These places are usually closed off to the public, but you can still have fun with wildlife.

For more great tips on wildlife photography, be sure to check out this great guide to shooting wildlife at home.

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