Why you should stop thinking of your wildlife overlanding as a hobby

There are many benefits to wildlife overlands, from the opportunity to enjoy wildlife on a very short time-frame, to the opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to experience the world for themselves.

But, as with any hobby, there are some pitfalls to wildlife conservation that come with it.

Here are 10 pitfalls to avoid when it comes to wildlife viewing.1.

Your time is valuableTo the extent that your time is valued, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying wildlife viewing on your own.

But, when it becomes a hobby, it’s easy to become frustrated when your time isn’t used properly.

To illustrate this, I’ve come up with a list of the things you should be doing right to maximise your wildlife viewing time.1) Take a walk with a wildlife expert to get an idea of what the species are like2) Take wildlife photographs to document your experiences with them3) Check out what your local wildlife management officer thinks of your species4) Use a wildlife guide to get a good idea of how wildlife are managed in your area5) Learn about wildlife conservation6) Take part in local wildlife viewing groups to learn more about the species you’re seeing7) Take pictures of your favorite wildlife species8) Use wildlife film to learn about your favourite species9) Use some wildlife photography software10) Take photos of your favourite wildlife species1.

Take a stroll with a Wildlife Expert2.

Take wildlife photography to document what wildlife are like3.

Take photos that capture your experience with a particular species4.

Take pictures that capture the environment5.

Take some wildlife photographs6.

Check out the behaviour of your animals7.

Take your animal into a local wildlife conservation office8.

Take out your camera9.

Use a Wildlife Guide to get more information10.

Use some Wildlife Photography SoftwareIf you have any more tips or ideas to share, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

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