How to fight wildlife over-population

As wildlife populations soar in the United States, the federal government is taking steps to protect them.

Here’s how.

| AP article As more wildlife populations expand in the U.S., federal wildlife officials are trying to limit over-exploitation and exploitation, even as they seek to protect habitat and other species.

The Interior Department is issuing a set of rules aimed at stopping wildlife overpopulation in the country’s most populous states, Wyoming and New Mexico, by encouraging states to develop better plans for protecting wildlife.

The new rules are expected to be finalized this fall, and they are part of a wider effort to limit the over-consumption of wildlife in the Western United States.

In addition to requiring states to establish plans for conserving wildlife habitat, the rules are also designed to encourage the use of “biodiversity management strategies” to limit wildlife overreach.

These strategies typically include monitoring and enforcement of habitat and species, reducing hunting, and restricting hunting and trapping.

The guidelines are part to the National Wildlife Preservation Strategy, a federal law that seeks to prevent species from overpopulating and limit their range.

They also seek to limit how much wildlife is sold and released into the wild.

Wildlife managers, conservationists and biologists say the new rules can be effective, but they’re also the first step to better managing wildlife populations in the West, where the population has exploded in recent years.

Wildlife conservationists say the rules will also help the government keep tabs on over-populated wildlife populations, as they can help ensure wildlife populations are not overexploited or abused.

They say it’s also important to maintain the integrity of wildlife habitat.

Wildlife and wildlife managers, who are often called conservationists, say the goals of the new wildlife management plan should be achieved quickly and consistently.

“It’s a very important piece of the ecosystem that is the U

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