Mexico’s Mexico wildlife is really a joke

The new Mexican government is cracking down on wildlife violations in the country, and it’s not a very good joke.

On Tuesday, Mexico’s Interior Minister, Jorge Sánchez, announced that wildlife officials will be issuing tickets to anyone who intentionally causes or perpetrates wildlife crimes, which means a lot of people are going to have to learn the hard way.

“Wildlife crimes are crimes against nature and they are serious crimes,” Sánchedez said in a statement.

“This will be a serious and meaningful punishment.

Wildlife crimes are serious, serious crimes.”

SáncheZa will issue the tickets to those caught violating conservation laws and will also issue citations for those found to have injured or killed animals.

Sánchedes order comes just days after Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto signed a controversial bill into law, which requires all private businesses to install a “non-lethal deterrent” on their doors.

The new bill allows for wildlife violations to be punishable by fines of up to $100,000.

This could be a very lucrative business, particularly in Mexico, where the tourism industry accounts for nearly one-third of gross domestic product.

The Mexican government estimates that at least 15 million people were injured by wildlife offenses in 2015, and some of those injuries were life-threatening.

In some cases, the damage could have been so serious that the victim had to be euthanized.

The government also estimates that nearly 6 million illegal animals were killed last year, and another 10 million were illegally released into the wild.

That’s a lot, and the number of people who are affected by wildlife crimes is far higher than the government is willing to acknowledge.

It’s clear that the Mexico Wildlife Service, the countrys largest law enforcement agency, has a serious problem with wildlife crimes.

Sánchelles order, however, does not address that problem.

Sáenz said that while the government will continue to prosecute wildlife crimes against people, it will not be able to prosecute the violation of laws against wildlife, which could result in prison sentences of up the $100K.

This would make the country a criminal justice nightmare for the people of Mexico.

Sanchez has previously made the case that Mexico’s government has too much power and that it’s simply trying to control people by taking away their guns.

He also suggested that people are too scared to come forward with complaints against wildlife violations, since they’ll be blamed if their animal is harmed or killed.

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