Which wildlife species are in danger of disappearing?

The United States Department of the Interior has published its first detailed listing of the threats to wildlife in America.

The list, which was compiled by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, details some of the major threats to America’s wildlife, which are listed as the top 10 most threatened species in the country.

The top 10 threats include:In total, the report outlines 9,200 species listed as threats by the agency, which is tasked with protecting America’s natural and cultural resources.

The listing includes some notable additions, such as the threat to the endangered black bear, which has been threatened by poaching, and the endangered red-tailed hawk, which faces an unprecedented amount of habitat loss due to human development.

The black bear is one of the top threatened species with the threat level currently at 1,400.

The red-tail hawk is the third most threatened bird, with the level currently being at 1.5.

The endangered red head was listed as a threatened species, and has a 1.2 percent chance of becoming endangered by 2020.

The white-tailed deer is another threatened species at 1 percent, and is estimated to lose nearly 60 percent of its habitat by 2020 as a result of development and the introduction of diseases.

The threatened species listed are also listed as being “near or threatened,” which means that the species faces a 50 percent chance or higher of extinction by the end of the century.

The threat level is based on two metrics: population losses and the threat of extinction.

The species listed at risk of extinction include:The report also lists some species that are threatened by a combination of human activities, such a climate change, and natural disasters.

For example, the red-headed hawk has been listed as “near threatened” by climate change.

The American white-tail deer is also “near-threatened” by human activities and climate change and could face a 50-percent chance of extinction within the next 10 years.

The red-legged woodpecker is also listed “near threat,” and could become extinct by the mid-century.

The white-nose dolphin, which the report says has “significant threats” to its survival, is listed as near threatened by climate changes and climate-induced water pollution.

The Hawaiian tiger shark is listed “slightly threatened” and is in danger by “the potential threat of human-induced disease.”

The report lists the threatened species as “threatened with extinction” by “threats to the genetic diversity and critical populations of these species,” which include “threat to the global population of these threatened species,” “threat of extinctions to populations of the threatened threatened species that remain vulnerable,” and “threat that a significant portion of the world’s populations will be wiped out within the coming century.”

The list of threatened species is also limited in scope.

The department only counts species listed in Appendix II of the Endangered Species Act, and those listed under that section are considered to be “near” or “threaten.”

It doesn’t count species listed under the National Marine Fisheries Service, or NMSF, which lists species as endangered if they are listed under Appendix I of the federal Endangered Wildlife Protection Act.

The department also does not count species that were listed as threatened by threats to habitat or species under the Endangerment Finding.

The report notes that this leaves a “paucity of information about the extent to which threatened species are threatened,” and notes that the threat assessment process has not been completed for these species.

The Trump administration has already signed an executive order to remove the protections of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Convention on Biological Diversity, which were added to the Endangers List in 2016.

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