Hunter’s life on the hunt: A story of survival

The first person to die from a deer attack was a hunter, and she was just one of the few hunters who made it alive.

Hunter Kelly, who was killed by a deer on New Year’s Day last year, was only the second person to be killed by deer in NSW.

The incident sparked a nationwide debate about hunting laws and the practice of culling deer.

There was outrage when it was revealed that Ms Kelly, a 28-year-old student from Melbourne, had killed her prey on a rural property in NSW, after a friend had seen her kill the deer.

The friend had then told police Ms Kelly had threatened her.

She had told police she was hunting with a friend who was upset about an argument she had with another woman on the property.

Ms Kelly told police a group of men were coming towards her with a deer, and the group stopped.

She said she saw two deer attack a woman and her dog, but was able to stop them before they could kill her.

She was able after trying to kill the men with a gun, but had to use a bow.

During the hunt, she told police, a deer was hit by a car and she lost a leg.

She told police the deer had then hit her, and that she felt her legs “begging” for mercy.

After her arrest, Ms Kelly’s friend, David Jones, said Ms Kelly was “just trying to save her friend” by holding on for dear life.

“She was so scared of the deer and the animals around her, she wasn’t sure if she was going to survive,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones said Ms Taylor had been working at the same property for about four months and was “really enjoying the work”.

“I think she was trying to do her job,” Mr Smith said.

“I think that’s why she took the shot.”

Mr Smith said Ms Davis was one of “a number of people” who were concerned about Ms Taylor’s behaviour and actions.

At the time, Mr Jones was working at a local meat processing plant, and had been with the company for two years.

He said Ms Taylors work had “been good” and the two had “come to a very good understanding”.

Mr Brown said the incident raised concerns about deer culling and how the hunting industry was treating hunters.

Queensland graziers, the government and the NSW Government said the deer industry had “all sorts of work to do”.

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