How to make a bear trap for the Arctic

Posted June 07, 2019 07:11:16A bear trap is a device that uses a metal frame to trap and trap a bear.

It’s not a traditional trap, but it’s often used as a deterrent.

Here’s how to make one.

What you needBear trapTipsTo make a trap for bears:1.

Make sure it’s secure to the frame.2.

Make a piece of plywood out of a hardwood, wood, or concrete.3.

Cut the piece to the correct length.4.

Make the frame as large as you can.5.

Place the frame on a large metal sheet or plastic sheet.6.

Cut a piece off the end of the metal sheet to the proper length.7.

Cut off the plastic piece to fit into the frame, which should be at least 6″ by 6″.8.

Cut pieces of plywoods from the end and the end to the length you want.9.

Place two pieces of plastic sheet around the perimeter of the trap.10.

Thread the string through the center of the plastic sheet, pulling the string tightly and keeping it tight.11.

Hang the plastic trap in the rainforest.12.

Keep the bear out of your trap.13.

Make it look like a trap.14.

Put the bear back in your home.

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