Arizona wildlife park to get more than 1,000 new predators

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) It’s the perfect storm for a park to attract hundreds of exotic birds and mammals to its sanctuary.

The B.C. Nature Preserve in B.A. is about to get 1,200 new exotic species to its native habitat, thanks to a new plan by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The move will bring B.B. Woods, a forest preserve in the southern part of the state, to the B.V. Wildlife Preserve near Austin, Texas.

The B.T. Woods Reserve near San Antonio, Texas, is the only sanctuary in the state with more than 300 species of birds and other mammals.

Birds and mammals at the B-Woods preserve will be housed in cages that are about 20 feet (6 meters) apart and up to a meter (2.5 feet) wide.

They can’t fly, swim or even climb trees or cliffs.

B-Wood’s 1,300 birds and over 1,400 mammals will be transferred to B-T-Wood.

The new arrivals will be in cages and are required to stay with B-B-T Woods staff for at least three months, the Texas parks and wildlife department said in a news release.

Birds and mammals can’t be released outside the reserve until they’re tested and released back into the wild.

“They are a wonderful addition to our wildlife population,” said Tami Bostick, a wildlife biologist with the Texas Department of Parks and Tourism.

“These animals are a key part of our natural heritage and we have a responsibility to ensure that our animals are not harmed or lost.”

In addition to the 1,100 new species, B-wood will also get more birds, mammals and reptiles.

They include six species that are endangered in Texas and two that are threatened with extinction.

It also will get over 1.5 million plants, including more than 200 species of flowering plants.

Barks, snakes, lizards and turtles will be among the animals that can be released into B-t-Wood, the release said.

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department says the move is part of a larger initiative to support native wildlife populations.

The park’s current sanctuary, B. B. Woods National Monument, was created in 1924 and has been home to more than 7,200 native species.

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