Florida’s ‘fish of the year’ announced as ‘tough, but not too tough’

A new, tougher classification for Florida’s “fish of all seasons” has been unveiled.

The Fish of the Year for the 2018-19 season will be the Atlantic, Gulf and Indian, according to a release from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The Atlantic, a type of fish with a broad head, large snout and long, thin fins, has been classified as a “moderate” fish, while the Gulf is a “large” fish with large heads and broad, flat fins.

It will be up to state and local agencies to determine the species classification.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is releasing its first “fishing catch guidelines” for the Atlantic and Gulf in 2018-2019, along with a “fishery catch guide” for those waters.

The guidelines include guidelines for what to harvest and how much to catch.

Fish of the weekA new “farming” category has also been added to the Fish of Interest, including a description of how to capture fish.

It’s a bit different from the categories of the past, where fish were just listed on a state map.

For example, the Florida Keys now has a separate fishing category, the “Fish of Interest” in the state.

A new state map for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Code that was released last month, which shows what’s new in the code, also includes “fishers” as a category.

This could be used to help fishkeepers, who are looking to harvest fish for the state, find them.

There are no plans to update the code to include more fishing categories.

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