What to know about the first African safari in US to go green

The first African wildlife safarri hunt in the United States is underway, but how it works and how it will work is still a mystery.

In January, the United Nations announced that it would be launching a “green” safari next year in Africa.

The hunt will involve using animals to raise money for a charity called Animal Justice.

The animal protection organization has been working to educate African countries on wildlife conservation and has been helping fund the hunt.

The hunt will take place from July 9 to July 18, and the animal will be killed with an electrically attached electric net.

The net will be used to trap the animals as they escape and will be connected to a GPS tracker that will track their movements.

The event is set to attract a large audience, which will have to register in advance online.

The event will include live video feeds from the safari’s field offices and a live auction, which is set for the same time period as the hunt, which takes place in the same locations.

The auction will have the lion, leopard and elephants at the same auction.

It will be the first time that these animals have been shot in the wild.

The hunting of endangered animals in Africa has become a big business in the U.S. The United Nations has said that $100 million in federal wildlife funds will go toward the African safaris.

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