A woman was bitten by a fox and then shot by a hunter as she was leaving the zoo, zoo staff say

A woman who was bitten while leaving the Delhi zoo last year and shot by an unknown man as she walked through a wildlife sanctuary has died, police said.

The woman, who had been visiting the zoo in the western part of the city, was bitten on her left leg in September last year while walking through the animal enclosure, the National Animal Protection Authority (NAPA) said on Thursday.

A man in his 50s has been arrested and charged with the killing, which happened after the woman had left the zoo and approached the wildlife sanctuary to catch some deer.

She was bitten as she crossed the road, and was taken to the NAA’s police station for treatment.

The police said that the woman died at the hospital a few days later.

A group of people had gathered outside the police station on Thursday to protest against the death, with one of them demanding that the accused be arrested immediately.

The incident triggered an intense public backlash, with a number of activists saying the woman should be given a special status in the zoo.

On Thursday, a few protesters stood near the police vehicle outside the NPA’s headquarters, where the case was lodged.

One of them said the case would be “made public” if the accused was arrested immediately, while another demanded that the zoo be closed for a day.

The protests, which also spread to other areas of the capital, continued for a while.

The NPA, which has jurisdiction over the zoo’s grounds, said it has received information that the incident took place while the woman was leaving and that she had suffered minor injuries.

It has requested the Centre to take urgent action against the accused, it said.

A woman who had visited the zoo before being bitten in September 2016 has died after being shot by unknown man.

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