The ‘World Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ competition gets underway for International Wildlife Photographer’s Day

The International Wildlife Photography (IWP) Competition is underway and we’re looking for photographers who share their passion and knowledge of wildlife photography and wildlife preservation with the world.

We’re looking to inspire and connect the community with some of the world’s best photographers.

To enter, you must be an avid wildlife photographer who is passionate about wildlife photography.

You must be able to work in the field for up to three years and be passionate about conservation.

You must have the skills to share their work and be a passionate supporter of wildlife conservation.

You need to be willing to travel to remote locations to shoot wildlife and to collaborate with other wildlife photographers.

You will have to be able and willing to take time out of your schedule to participate in the competition.

The IWP awards winners from around the world and we’ll announce the winners at the IWP Awards Dinner on March 11.

The deadline for entries is March 10.

The IWP is a global contest with over 300,000 entries and winners are announced each year.

The competition, which runs through March 10, has been recognized as one of the top five annual wildlife photography competitions in the world with a Best International Photography Award from the International Wildlife Foundation and a Top Photographer Award from International Wildlife Magazine.

The 2018 International Wildlife Photograph Awards Dinner is a celebration of conservation and conservationism.

The event will feature a keynote address from President Donald Trump and the award-winning photographers and conservationists from around Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and beyond.

The 2016 IWP Award Winners were:Nominees were announced March 11 and are being announced in the coming weeks.

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