How Indiana is making a comeback after a decade of decline

In the last decade, the number of animals in Indiana’s wild lands has increased by more than 500%.

The number of people in the state, too, have increased in the past 10 years.

Indiana has seen a massive boom in tourism, and it’s been a success story.

But a lot of the money for the conservation of the state’s wildlife and habitat comes from taxpayers.

In fact, a study by the Indiana Conservation Alliance found that Indiana’s wildlife is worth about $20.5 million per year.

The money is used for the state parks and wildlife agencies to conserve and preserve species such as prairie dogs, bobcats and wolves, as well as for the sale of fish, wildlife habitat, native plants and native animals.

The group, which is based in Indianapolis, is one of the most active conservation groups in the US.

But Indiana is not alone in its conservation efforts.

In 2017, Indiana had more than 6,300 species of animals and plants, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

“Indiana is not the only state that has seen this kind of boom,” said Mark Babb, the executive director of the Indiana Natural Resources Department.

Babb and his team have been working to create a statewide strategy to save the state wildlife.

“We have to look at what is the most sustainable and sustainable way to do that,” he said.

Babis and his office are also working to increase the number and diversity of native species.

For example, the Indiana Wild Bird Association has developed a database of native birds and their habitat that can be shared with other state agencies, such as the Department of Environmental Quality.

“The database will allow us to better identify and manage the wildlife and natural resources of the State of Indiana,” Babis said.

But that doesn’t mean Indiana is leaving nature behind.

Babi has recently been advocating for a statewide strategy to preserve Indiana’s parks and habitats, as the state is facing a population decline that is expected to accelerate over the next several years.

“It’s a challenge,” he acknowledged.

“But we’re committed to finding ways to conserve the state and the environment.”

The state is currently considering a proposal to establish a state park system.

The plan has been stalled since the legislature rejected a $200 million plan to create an agency to oversee the creation of parks.

A proposal for a state conservation plan is also being considered in the Indiana Senate.

Babba believes that a statewide plan would be a way to keep Indiana’s ecosystem intact, and to keep the state open to tourism.

“This is the right time to do it,” he told The Associated Press.

“There are a lot more than 5,000 state parks, and I think there are tens of thousands more in the nation.”

In addition to Babb’s office, the state Department of Parks and Recreation has a task force that has been working on a state parks plan.

But it’s not without opposition.

The Indiana Conservation Council and the National Parks Conservation Association are both suing the state for not establishing a park system and for not allowing the creation or maintenance of wildlife habitat.

“I’m hoping the parks are going to be part of the solution, and the state will get a good return for its investment,” said Babb.

“They’re going to do a great job with the state.

It will create a lot fewer people working in the parks.”

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