How wildlife agencies are using social media to find endangered wildlife

Thousands of endangered California wildlife species are still at risk from habitat loss and poaching, and many are now in a situation of near extinction, according to a new study by the Center for Biological Diversity.

The Center found that many of the species at risk in the state are found in areas that are being heavily impacted by climate change, with the loss of high-yielding coastal grasslands and wetlands.

The study was conducted with the help of data from California Fish and Wildlife, the California Department of Fish and Game and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

It found that California’s wildlife populations are suffering as the state’s grasslands are disappearing and more coastal areas are becoming too warm for coastal wildlife.

Some of the areas where these habitats are disappearing include the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Central Coast, the Northern Sierra, the San Joaquin Valley, the Bakersfield area and the San Bernardino National Forest.

It also found that the populations of endangered coastal wildlife species in California are rapidly declining as climate change continues to exacerbate their decline.

Researchers found that in the years since the mid-1990s, California has lost more than 5.8 million acres of coastal grassland in the Pacific Northwest, with many of those losses occurring in the past decade.

The loss of coastal vegetation has had a devastating impact on the state and its wildlife.

The Center said California’s native species, including some of the state�s most threatened species, are also at risk of extinction.

The new study found that more than 50 percent of the threatened species in the coastal grassbelt are at risk.

The study found a number of species that are threatened are found at higher elevations than the rest of the population.

Among the threatened California species are the state waterfowl, the state condor, the species of woodpecker and the endangered species of California sea lion.

The California Department on Wednesday released a new plan for the conservation of threatened and endangered species, which was expected to create more jobs and help them survive the effects of climate change.

The plan includes increasing funding for coastal conservation and habitat restoration, making it easier for California wildlife agencies to take on the responsibilities of conserving wildlife and creating a network of state and federal agencies that can support state wildlife agencies and other agencies.

The State Lands Conservation Council is a state agency that works with agencies to protect state lands.

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