3D camera captures images of endangered species in Costa Rica

The world’s largest 3D-printed camera has been captured in Costa Rico, capturing images of wildlife in a habitat that is home to a rare species of amphibian.

The camera is used by wildlife conservation group Wildlife Watch, which filmed its images of a wild amphibian, called a chilensis, as it navigated a swamp on the outskirts of the town of Taos.

The cameras are the brainchild of former Google employee Jens-Peter Hahn, a former designer at Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

He is now the CEO of his own wildlife-focused company, Wildlife Watch.

According to the group, the chilense is a large amphibian with a long neck that has a strong body plan and a robust head.

The footage shows the chilean amphibian climbing through a narrow, sandy area in order to find water.

Wildlife Watch believes the amphibian may be able to navigate a swamp by using its head, as well as its large, rounded feet.

“We’ve seen these animals that have been spotted all over Costa Rica, but this is the first time we’ve been able to document them in real time,” said Wildlife Watch director of photography David Eriksson.

“It’s amazing to see them in action, and we’re really excited to be able help them protect their habitat.”

Hahn said the footage is part of a campaign that is focused on educating the public about the plight of amphibians in Costa Ricans deserts.

“It’s really important to tell people that this is not just a story about conservation, it’s a story of how we live our lives,” he said.

“This is a conservation story.”

The chileneas habitat is so poorly protected that the habitat was once a breeding ground for a large, invasive species, which Hahn said is now extinct.

Hahn says the chiloese is a valuable species that is endangered because it is a member of the Chiloacis genus.

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