‘Wildlife’ art auction to benefit African Wildlife Foundation

The auction for a wildlife art collection from an African wildlife foundation will be held on September 14 in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the foundation’s Africa Wildlife Fund was established in 2014.

The collection includes pieces created by artists from countries such as Angola, Cameroon, Botswana, and Ethiopia.

The auction is being sponsored by the African Wildlife Fund (AFF) and the African Institute for Conservation and the Environment (AICEE).

The auction will be hosted by the Afafafwuma, the foundation of the Afifwi tribe in Angola.

AFF Director of Programs and Programs, Michael Pekos, said the collection was a treasure trove of art.

“It’s an example of the power of art to inspire and inspire us as individuals and communities,” he said.

“We are very excited to host this auction, and to have the Afefwi tribe join us in our efforts to protect Africa’s wildlife.”

The collection will be donated to the AFF’s Africa Program and donated to local conservation organizations.

Pekom said the auction was a great opportunity for artists to show their talent and contribute to conservation.

“Africa has a large and diverse wildlife and wildlife art culture, which is what we hope to share with the world through this auction,” he added.

The AFF has been promoting its African Wildlife and Art Collections in recent years, and it’s a strong partnership between the foundation and the Afifa tribe.

The art was commissioned in 2014 and is one of the most popular pieces of art sold by the foundation.

“The collection was commissioned to promote conservation and the benefits wildlife provides,” Pekoms said.

The Afafafa tribe owns and operates an oil palm plantation in Angola, which the AFFP was able to help fund through the auction.

The foundation will also be showcasing the collection in conjunction with a series of events in Angola and the rest of Africa.

The charity has a range of programs aimed at protecting wildlife, including conservation education, habitat protection, wildlife-safe roads and trails, and the promotion of sustainable farming.

“Through the auction, we are offering this work to people in the region and around the world, including the Afafa tribe, who are the ones who benefit the most from this work,” said Afifa Chief, Lola Juhasz, in a statement.

“This auction is a great way to raise awareness and support the conservation efforts of the AFAF, which also benefits us personally.”

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