‘Fishing was not the only cause’: Wisconsin’s wildlife refuge is in crisis

In an effort to save its critically endangered salmon and steelhead populations, the Wisconsin Wildlife Refuge is turning to a $300 million plan to build a permanent fish and wildlife refuge that includes fish hatcheries, spawning areas and a pond.

In a move that critics say is an attempt to appease the public, the refuge plans to create a new Fish and Wildlife Service office in the southern Wisconsin town of Whitefish, where many residents have been protesting the plan for months.

The new office will be the largest Fish and Game Service in the country, according to the Fish and Games Administration, which is tasked with protecting the refuge and other federal lands and waters.

The agency is expected to hire an additional 40 people to manage the Fish & Game Service.

The Fish & Games Administration is seeking to hire 20 more people to help manage the refuge, which currently has about 2,000 fish and game residents.

But the new Fish & Gaming Office would require a much larger number of staff, and officials from the Fish Department say they can’t hire enough staff to support the needs of the refuge.

“We can’t do that,” said Mike Mathers, who serves as the Fish Wildlife Service’s acting director.

“We need to hire more staff.

We need to have a bigger staff.”

Mathers said the Fish Office currently has 20 people working full time, but they are only able to hire five of them.

He said the agency has to hire 40 people who are dedicated to the fish and their habitat, and that is why it will need to raise $300,000 to build the new office.

Officials are hoping to hire 100 people by the end of this year, which would mean the Fish&Game Department is going to have to hire 150 people to support its fish hatchery program.

Mather said he would not rule out the Fish Agency hiring additional employees in the future.

But he said that there is a shortage of staff to manage all the Fish, Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation lands and resources.

I would certainly expect them to be able to do a better job with that staff and I wouldn’t necessarily say that we will have to move it up to that level,” Mather said.

Some local elected officials in Whitefish have complained about the Fish office’s management of the area, saying it has been understaffed and underfunded.

Mather was also criticized by the local Republican party for his opposition to the refuge’s proposed new fish hatchers, which he said he opposed before it was approved.

Mueller has a history of publicly criticizing his Fish office, which has been criticized for its management of federal lands.

He also has criticized some federal officials for their use of a national park in eastern Wisconsin, including the U.S. Fish and Water Conservation Service.

In October, Mather made headlines when he said the National Park Service is “in charge of everything, not the president.”

Mueller also criticized former President Barack Obama for his support of the Whitefish refuge plan.

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