How to identify and manage common diseases in Canada’s wildlife species

Canada’s most common species of wildlife has more than doubled in size in recent decades, and its population is shrinking at an alarming rate, according to the Canadian Wildlife Health Program (CWHP).

The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) is calling on the government to enact legislation to protect its endangered wildlife species and encourage the private sector to invest in wildlife management.

The CWHP, which represents wildlife conservationists, conservation groups and the public, says more than 3,300 species are in danger of disappearing.

In the last decade, Canada has lost nearly 3,000 species and more than 2,400 unique species, including the gray wolf, fox and moose, said David McPherson, CWF’s director of policy and advocacy.

“We have seen some species increase in numbers, like the black bear, but we also have seen a huge decrease in species,” McPhearson said.

“So that’s really a red flag.”

“It’s hard to know how to identify them, because there are so many.”

Conservationists say there are several key problems with the system.

For one, the government has not been able to secure funding to protect the threatened species and has limited access to the private wildlife management sector, which means that wildlife managers must rely on funding from the federal government.

“There is a lack of oversight and there is no enforcement,” said Dave McPhea, who directs the CWF Wildlife Management Program.

“And that’s a problem.

The system is not working.”

McPhea said many species are not properly tagged, so they are not tracked down by hunters.

Some of the species are on public lands and in protected areas, which makes it difficult to track them down.

McPheson said the federal and provincial governments should implement more regulations to protect species and enforce better policies that encourage private-sector investment.

The federal government has already taken steps to address the issue.

In November, the federal Environment and Climate Change Minister announced a $1-billion investment in wildlife and natural resources in the next five years to protect Canada’s species, such as the black fox, moose and gray wolf.

In addition, the Conservative government recently approved a new program to protect threatened species on private lands.

“The federal environment minister has said that he wants to do more and more to protect our species,” said McPhee.

“But we need to be able to track it.

In the meantime, McPhetson said conservationists are calling on other governments to act.””

If we don’t have the data, we don’st know what we have.”

In the meantime, McPhetson said conservationists are calling on other governments to act.

“What we’ve seen is governments in other countries who are investing in wildlife, are doing things like investing in conservation programs, but when it comes to species protection, they’re not doing it,” Mcphearson added.

“There’s a lack, and I think that’s something we need more of.”

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