How to identify and manage common diseases in Canada’s wildlife species

Canada’s most common species of wildlife has more than doubled in size in recent decades, and its population is shrinking at an alarming rate, according to the Canadian Wildlife Health Program (CWHP).The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) is calling on the government to enact legislation to protect its endangered wildlife species and encourage the private sector […]

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Texas Wildlife Rescue & Recovery: What You Need to Know

Texas Wildlife Reserve & Rescue is an organization dedicated to saving and rehabilitating endangered species in Texas.They have successfully rescued hundreds of species and rehabilitated thousands of them.In 2018, Texas Wildlife Rescuers rescued more than 50,000 animals, with the most recently rescued species being a yellow fever-stricken golden eagle.We have worked tirelessly to protect and […]

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Why does Washington have more tigers than any other state?

The state is home to some of the world’s most endangered species, including tigers, leopards and leopard seals.And it has the second-highest number of tigers in the country behind the U.S., according to the American Zoo and Aquarium.Washington is also home to the only zoo in the U, the Puget Sound Aquarium, which is the […]

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Police: Manhunt for man suspected of murdering wildlife officer

Posted September 30, 2018 09:33:52 Police in Louisiana are investigating a possible murder-suicide, according to a statement released by the state.The man is believed to have killed a wildlife officer named Bobbi Loxahique during a traffic stop on Wednesday afternoon in the community of New Orleans, the Louisiana State Police said.The suspect fled the scene […]

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‘What you need to know about the busch wildlife refuge in Montezuma, Argentina’

A few days after President Sergio Martínez signed the new law, we sat down with the head of the bushy goat sanctuary in the area, Montezumi.Montezumo is located in the mountainous region of Montezumas Pampas province and is home to around 100,000 goats and calves, according to its website.The sanctuary also houses a number of […]

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‘The first thing I thought was: Whoa, there’s a lion in my backyard’: Photographer captures first photo of a lion at an area park

A photo of an African lion roaming the Georgia countryside has captivated the public for more than a week.The photo was posted to Instagram and Instagram user Diana Fennell’s account on Tuesday.The lion, known locally as “Little Tiger,” was photographed by photographer Diana Fennaell while she was hiking with her husband, who had been visiting […]

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